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The MAYA-TAINO PROPHECY INITIATIVE welcomes your tax-deductible contributions which will assist in carrying out our mission.


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 Support for the Water Protectors

resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline.


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The transition period that we are currently experiencing during these 200 years that straddle the millenial December 21st, 2012 date are crucial in the history of the human race. People in this era are charged with the responsibility of establishing the conditions within which the whole species will find it possible to gradually cross from one great age of consciousness development into another. But this can not happen by itself. It needs the energy and inspiration of as many humans as possible. All of these humans must be equipped with the truth behind this epochal moment.  

Your donation funds are put to work assisting the various projects that we support, and allowing the vital message of the authentic traditional Indigenous teachers to reach as many people as possible. It also goes toward helping improve the living and working conditions of individual spiritual guides from Central America and the Caribbean that we are associated with, many of whom currently live in a state of profound poverty.

When you donate online always make sure to contact us at and inform us specifically which one of our several efforts you wish to contribute to.

* Support the Water Protectors

resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline.


All contributions are made to the MOTHER EARTH CHURCH of the CANEY a not-for-profit spiritual organization dedicated to the teaching, defending and sharing of the tradition of Indigenous people of the Americas.



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