Indigenous Prophetic Tradition from Central America and the Caribbean



Founded by Antonio Aj Ik and Miguel Sague to promote the authentic message of the ancient Calendar prophecies this organization is the official exponent of the MAYA-TAINO PROPHECY INITIATIVE.



This is a sacred partnership of mutual respect founded on a long-standing and ancient tradition of co-operation and sharing of culture between the Indigenous people of the Caribbean and the Indigenous people of Central America.





Nearly 26,000 years of consciousness evolution has carried humanity accross five great eras of communal global history. These eras, called "SUNS",  were accurately mapped by the inspired shamanic sages of Indigenous America.

 This epic journey of humanity began with the most significant awakening experienced by our species since our origins many millions of years in the past. That awakening occurred almost exactly 26,000 years ago as our species survived through the extraordinary epoch known as the "Ice Age". At that time in our history humanity arrived at a point in our development when people became communally aware of our sacred connection with the spirit of the Earth Mother. This awareness took the form of an intricate complex of organized symbolic behavior. That complex of behavior congealed into a powerful system that became the very hallmark of human culture. We now know this complex by the name of "Shamanism". Shamanism developed as a manifestation of humanity's newly discovered use of media, the ability to communicate through symbolic language. When human beings developed the ability to express their most intimate inner yearnings and aspirations through the arts; painting, drawing, sculpture, dance, music, drama, poetry, story-telling etc they also were able to awaken to the miracle of communal spiritual experience, a phenomenon that had been impossible before the invention of symbolic communicstion and the accompanying ritual behavior. This is how shamanism was born. This is why the arts are such an indispensable element of spiritual and philosophical thinking.

 Shamanism is nothing less than the most primordial and, at the same time, the ultimate expression of human philosophical, spiritual and metaphisical awareness experienced within the context of community. Having arrived at this awareness, humanity embarked upon a series of five cyclical journeys within which the species spiralled through the gradual evolution of its consciousness. At a key moment in that journey the sacred covenant between humanity and the spirit of the Earth Mother was largely abandoned by the great majority of human beings. This abandonment of the primordial covenant became the great tragedy that ultimately  manifested itself in a suicidal development of inappropriate and non-sustainable  technology, mass conflict, genocidal hatred, ethnic and religious competition that culminated in a self-destructive explosion which has pushed us to the brink of  of self-anihilation.

The prophecies of the Mayan Calendar are teachings designed to guide humanity from this self-destructive path and unto a bright new future. The transition period of 200 years that straddles the pivotal 2012 date, one hundred years into the past to 1912 and one hundred years into the future to 2112, is a period that provides humanity with a window of opportunity for change and transformation. It is the task of messengers such as Antonio, Miguel and many other teachers from the Mesoamerican tradition such as Grandmother Flordemayo of the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers and Tat Don Alejandro Perez Ox Laj to bring this wisdom to the world and share it so that many more humans can benefit from it.


Pilgrimages to the sacred Maya sites of Guatemala


 We have begun a program of sacred group pilgrimages to the ancient sites of the Guatemalan Mayas led by traditional ceremonial guides and elders of the Maya communities in co-operation with MAYA EXPLORATION CENTER of Austin, Texas and with the archeology and epigraphy expert, Dr Ed Barnhart.             


Please contact us to become part of one of these extraordinary experiences.


Antonio and Miguel share the wisdom of the ancestors

K'iche Maya teacher and seer, Antonio Aj Ik and Taino Indigenous spiritual guide, Miguel Sobaoko Koromo Sague have organized a series of worshops and gatherings designed to make the teachings of this wisdom totally understandable to anyone. You will have the opportunity to ask questions, become immersed in the authentic mystical transformative wisdom of this tradition in ways that you never thought possible.


Miguel has worked with and studied the wisdom of the traditional Maya teachers since the early 1980's, inspired by the scholarly work in Maya culture of his father Dr. Miguel Sague Sr. who taught Latin American culture in a local northwestern Pennsylvania college in the 1960's.  Like his father before him Miguel went on to travel widely in the Mayan culture areas of Guatemala and Mexico visiting and performing ceremonies at some of the most important cultural centers of MesoAmerica. 


 Antonio was born and raised in the Ixil Triangle region of the Guatemalan Highlands in the late 1970's. He grew up in the tiny village of Xix in the municipality of Chajul. During most of his childhood Antonio experienced the terror of the extermination wars that wracked his homeland and wiped out thousands of his people including two of his siblings. During the worst of those times, Antonio remembers the steadfast perseverance and faith with which his father held on to the ancient ways of his people. These ancient traditions included the Tz'ite seed revelatory customs and a careful study of the K'iche creation narration, the POPOL VUJ, a Maya-language copy of which his father had acquired just before the whole family had to flee into the wild mountains for fear of the military Death Squads. It is that example from his father who through the whole dark period of fear and death would read the stories of the Popol Vuj to him which has inspired Antonio to bring this message to the world.


 Antonio and his wife in Chajul, Guatemala


In this photo from 1996 Miguel learns aspects of the K'iche Maya Cholk'ij calendar tradition from Guatemalan elder Dona Erlinda during her visit with him in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.



Antonio burns sacred Guatemalan Maya copal insence as he leads a prayer service during the September 2009 protest demonstrations at the G-20 Conference in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 



 Antonio works with one of his sacred codex books bearing the traditional Maya hieroglyphic Cholk'ij calendar


Miguel conferring with K'iche and Kakchikel teachers  during his visit to Guatemala, Dec 2006.


 Miguel conferring with K'iche elders in the Maya highland town of Nebaj during his March 10 2011 visit to Guatemala..


Miguel pauses before an ancient pre-classic era monument in the area of El Baul, Guatemala to offer prayers  and copal insence to the Maya ancestors and the spirits of the Heart of the Earth and the Heart of the Sky. It was during the time when these very monuments were being originally used that the pre-classic Mesoamerican Indigenous people arrived at the profound spiritual conclusions that produced the Maya 2012 Prophecy.



Miguel participates in traditional ceremonies with Maya elder Tata Chus at Tikal and Uaxactun March 11, 2011


Both Antonio and Miguel praise independent researcher of Mayan Culture,  John Major Jenkins for the groundbraking work he has done to help bring clarity to the meaning of the 2012 prophecy. Antonio has said: "No other contemporary non-Maya researcher understands the truth of our tradition like Jenkins does."  We honor his work and encourage all who are serious about learning the true meaning of the 2012 date to check out his books Tzolkin , Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. and his newest and most comprehensive publication, a thorough analysis of the whole 2012 phenomenon called, THE 2012 STORY  We are happy to participate in joint collaborative projects  with Mr Jenkins, bringing the sacred message of Antonio's  people to a contemporary audience in co-operation with him. Please explore our work together in this series of videos filmed at the May 2010 MIND BODY AND SPIRIT EXPO in Voorhes, New Jersey


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Acclaimed author John Major Jenkins shares a moment with Maya teacher Antonio Aj Ik and Taino Indigenous guide Miguel Sague