Indigenous Prophetic Tradition from Central America and the Caribbean

 Three Projects That Assist In The Transition Of Our World and the recognition of the sacredness of the earth


project #1

Assist the Native Water Protectors resisting the construction of the DAKOTA ACCESS PIPELINE


Thousands of Native American activists and their supporters are currently camped out at the SACRED STONE CAMP encampment near the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. Their efforts aim to stop the construction of a petroleum pipeline through sacred ancestral Lakota Sioux territory where it is almost certain to not only to desecrate the Native burial ground, but also to fatally contaminate the water of the Missouri River, the source of drinking water for the reservation. Contamination of the water there presents a dire threat to the haelth and welfare of thousands of residents of several states downstream on the same river and also on the Mississippi where the waters of this tributary eventually end up. We request that you think carefully about the responsibility that this nation has to the people from whom the land was violently taken and others who depend on the sacred waters of the earth to live.

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project #2

Peten Rainforest Maya Women's Arts and Crafts Supplies Effort




Craftswomen of the Ix Canaan Project in the remote rainforest community of El Remate try out a modern Dremmel tool donated by our Maya-Taino Prophecy Initiative, that will facilitate their work with wood as they create beautiful pieces inspired by the Maya tradition of their ancestors and in the process can become more self-sufficient.Click to contribute

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project #3

 Wukub Noj Maya Ceremonial and Teaching Center Effort



The Maya-Taino Prophecy Initiative is commited to help Tata Filiberto Perez of Santa Clara, Guatemala complete and maintain this wonderful cultural resource which brings the wisdom and tradition of his ancestors to the younger generation of Maya people and to outsiders who appreciate the value that these teachings offer the world at large. click to contribute Here Miguel Sague of the Maya-TainoProphecy Initiative on the extreme left confers with Tata Don Filiberto Perez (third from the left) and other elders of the traditional Maya in the highland town of Nebaj concerning the future of the Wukub Noj Project. click to contribute

Don Filiberto needs our help to assist him and his community realize their dream to establish and maintain a center that is destined be a focal factor in world renewal. Please donate generously to the MAYA TAINO PROPHECY INITIATIVE Wukub Noj Project Fund. Click here to contribute